Video for companies – Why?

Why do we consider video as a powerful tool any business shall use?

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People’s decisions are either feelings or solid info based. Sometimes we try to justify an already made emotional choice by finding as many logical arguments as possible.

There is unquestionably an emotion that lays as fundament for the preferred TV station, the telephone we own or the series we watch.

If a picture with a good line of copy can trigger the right emotions, determining a goal completion just imagine what a video with voice, soundtrack and sound effects can do.


Important info about videos in 2018!

Considering that video drives more traffic and 85% of the users are expecting more video content from brands but also that 81% of people were convinced to buy a product or a service after watching a video, this has to be prioritised by any serious businesses.

You need a video because is the most powerful and practical way of sending the right type of message using the right format to the right audience.


Video for marketing

A video allows you to easier reach the target market expectations.

Video for PR

A video increases the chances of reaching the company’s goals and objectives by building a positive image with the power of storytelling distributed through the right channels.

Video for communication

With a video, you can effectively release what it is new about a product, a services, an asset or the company itself.

Video for sales

You can increase sales by properly advertising an asset, a product or a service while emotionally inducing the buying opportunity.


Leveraging video materials through the right channels.

We are a video creative and production agency and do not handle video distribution.

However, our understanding of how this works determines us to produce the right material for you and even indicate how to proceed further.

IN CASE YOU DON’T KNOW where your material shall or will be delivered we will determine that during the research stages. A video has to produce the desired effect over the chosen target audience through the right channel.


Do it yourself. (Suitable for people decently educated in web, social media and advertising)

Employee or department handling that. (You have man power that can deal with it)

Work with a specialised company. (we can indicate a few depending of each individual project)


Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Website, Intranet, TV, Display Media (indoor/outdoor), Events (presentations)

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